Ergonomics is the applied science of understanding you and your interaction with everything around you; it focuses on your environment as a whole and not just one element of it. Good ergonomics maximises your comfort, safety and performance to increase your efficiency and wellbeing.

At Ocee Design, we understand the importance of having a great place to work. We have created Ocee Ergonomics to help you create inspirational environments that are designed with a task-based approach, for the benefit of both employers and employees.

We believe that properly considered ergonomic solutions make people happier and less stressed, resulting in better attendance and more productivity. By considering the true definition of ergonomics, designers and architects can consider the whole working environment to create functional, comfortable and productive workplaces. A holistic approach to workplace design considers the factors distracting us from effective working to create the optimum conditions to aid our concentration.

Letting the experts take the lead

Ocee Ergonomics works with a team of independent ergonomists and acousticians to offer a full ergonomic service based on workplace and acoustic assessments, endorsed products and extensive training courses.

In fact, the experts created the package, chose the products and identified the areas they felt needed to be addressed. Their aim is to remove some of the myths about ergonomics and acoustics to increase wellbeing in the workplace and to allow customers to make informed decisions.

Meet the experts

We believe in offering the best and most comprehensive service possible to our customers, which is why Ocee Ergonomics has a unique formula to create a comprehensive approach to workplace design.


Independent, highly qualified ergonomists and acousticians offer a range of online and on-site assessment services, all coordinated by a sophisticated computerised reporting system.

The independence of our experts allows them to recommend the best solution for the individual or workplace, whether that is just advice or a product suggestion; their guiding principal is to get the right solution for the client.

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Ocee Ergonomics has compiled a comprehensive portfolio of products from acoustic panels to workplace accessories. Our aim is to ensure that clients have access to the best equipment for their particular needs.

Chartered ergonomists and accredited acousticians personally test all of our products to ensure that they comply with their high standards; they also offer their thoughts in the What the experts say... section of each product entry to guide your selections.

Our acoustician has provided clear descriptive icons for each product so that you can easily identify the acoustic properties.

Our products


Ocee Ergonomics provide RIBA accredited CPD courses written and presented by highly qualified independent experts, in both ergonomic workplace and acoustic topics.

A series of Foundation Courses are also provided including DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Assessor Training and acoustic assessment instruction. In fact, all of Ocee Ergonomics’ partners undergo our Foundation training before they are accredited to offer our services.

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Whether it is how to set up your perfect workstation, or videos on desk based exercises to improve your wellbeing, we have a library of easy-to-access instructional materials. We cater for those who want a 30 second overview, to the fully-fledged ergo enthusiast who wants a more in-depth clinical presentation.



Ocee Ergonomics operates through Accredited Partners who have all undergone our Foundation training in Acoustics and Ergonomics. They can give you access to Ocee Ergonomics Independednt experts for Assessments and Training and offer you Ocee Ergonomics endorsed products.

To find out your nearest Ocee Ergonomics partner contact us.

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Our highly trained staff can advise on all of our products, provide space planning and arrange for independent ergonomists and acousticians to conduct your training and assessments.

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